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Attention: busy Entrepreneurs and small business owners

Discover How To Create Hands-Off Wealth Streams From Your Existing Cash

Without setting up an ecom store, real estate investments, or affiliate ads


"Eye opening training!"

It is a platform and system that allows me to employ my money. It creates passive and residual rewards weekly, monthly, and quarterly."

- Linda Kelly

webinar on 27-OCT-2023 2:30 PM

Here's what we'll cover:

Leverage our proven framework with any budget, big or small.

  • The effortless way to earn weekly "millionaire paychecks" that keep coming like clockwork. Set it and forget it.

  • How our advanced assets can get your money working for you at the highest rates of return.

  • Why our system is safer and more reliable than ecom, dropshipping, or affiliate marketing.

  • How clients like you have earned over $10k+ per month thanks to our Done-For-You process.

500+ Happy Clients

15+ Years Experience

10x Potential

Problem with

Passive Income Opportunities

  • As an entrepreneur, you know that growing your business takes a ton of TIME, ENERGY AND EFFORT.

  • Once you've reached a level of success, you want your money to start pulling its weight too. But right now, it's just SITTING there in your bank account or investments not reaching its full potential.

  • This is beyond frustrating because you worked so HARD TO EARN that money in the first place. And now it feels like it’s wasting away instead of fueling your financial freedom.

  • You may have TRIED OTHER PASSIVE INCOME strategies before. But nothing has provided the hands-off results you desire.

  • Affiliate marketing means CHASING the next hot product launch constantly. Ecommerce and dropshipping involves keeping up with FICKLE TRENDS, INVENTORY ISSUES, and picky platforms like Amazon.

  • Real estate can generate income through rentals but requires maintenance, renovations, and dealing with tenants. High-yield savings accounts offer dismal returns considering today's inflation.

  • The truth is, you want your money to work for you not the other way around. But finding the right vehicle to make that happen has been nearly impossible.

Until now...

discover What's inside

Growth Acceleration Framework

  • How to earn weekly "millionaire paychecks" that come automatically.

  • A hands-off system that allows your money to work for you

  • Advanced assets that generate the highest rates of return

  • A Done-For-You framework that runs smoothly without constant maintenance

  • Earning $10k+ per month thanks to our proven passive income system

  • Easy set up with our turnkey Done-For-You system

  • Leveraging our methods with any budget, big or small

  • Finally reaching the lasting wealth and freedom you desire

  • Letting your money do the work while you reclaim your time

  • No more wasting time on unstable income streams

  • The safest and most reliable passive income generator

  • Scalable wealth powered by cutting-edge proprietary assets


What others are saying about us

Dr. Lakeisha McKnight is a woman of the cloth, an awesome wife, and a mother of two children. She is a friend, mentor, and awesome speaker. She holds us all accountable to make us hold ourselves accountable. Someone who cares for family and mankind as a whole. This woman has so many wonderful characteristics. A lovely and knowledgeable selfless human being.

Mincy Jones

Dr. Lakeisha McKnight is a wonderful soul. She is always open to help. That’s if you are very serious about the opportunity. I am very serious about the opportunity, to get guidance from so many avenues of wealth. Generational wealth is very important. Dr.Lakeisha is willing and ready to offer her guidance.

Marchele Warren

Dr. Lakeisha is an amazing woman of God. Her determination to never give up inspires me on a daily basis. No matter if there is one person or 100, she always presents the information the same way, with passion and a desire to help change lives. She constantly promotes self-development by suggesting certain books or just staying plugged into what’s going on.

Crystal Rose

“Dr. Lakeisha McKnight is definitely a woman of God. Dr. McKnight and I met 5 years ago, and today we still share a common goal. We both would like to see poverty at an all-time low. Dr. McKnight is an awesome mentor, speaker, mother, wife, friend, and coach who has the heart and determination to lead others to be successful as well. I’m grateful for her leadership.”

Katrena Echoles

“Dr. Lakeisha Mcknight is a great coach and minister. Dr. Lakeisha focuses on customer education, motivation, and inspiration. Dr. Lakeisha wants to show you how networking can transform your mindset to communicate with your team and prospects. Dr. Lakeisha’s beliefs motivate you to the next level in opportunities. Dr. Lakeisha will inspire you to continue with your goals.”

Dr. Patrica Goodman

“Dr. LaKeisha McKnight is a woman of integrity, passionate about helping people and seeing that everyone is being taken care of whether ask for help or not. She is an outstanding Coach, Teacher, Communicator, and Woman of God. Dr. LaKeisha lead by example first and foremost. She is very passionate about her craft and demonstrates it on a daily basis. Most of all, she is the direct sales expert.”

Min. Burnell Stevens-Robertson

This IS Possible

Because we are giving you a secret system

Revolutionary Approach

A revolutionary approach that generates hands-free income streams without any direct labor on your part.

Global Ecosystem

Assets that multiply on autopilot because they are connected to an ever-growing global ecosystem.


Training, tools and support to shortcut the typical learning curve and start seeing results in weeks or months, not years.


A community of savvy entrepreneurs who come together to advance both collectively and individually.

Meet your Transformational Mentor

Matthew Taylor is an entrepreneur and financial educator with over 15 years of experience helping clients achieve financial freedom.

He is the founder of TaylorMade Wealth, a financial coaching firm that has helped over 500 clients earn passive income and reach their monetary goals.

Matthew began his career at a top Wall Street investment bank before shifting his focus to empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners directly.

He is passionate about sharing little-known wealth creation strategies that leverage advanced asset classes and systems.

Matthew is a sought-after speaker and educator in the alternative asset space. He has been featured in Investor Weekly, Finance Monthly, and

His clients appreciate his no-nonsense approach, depth of knowledge, and ability to explain complex topics in simple terms.

With Matthew as your guide, you can feel confident unlocking the full wealth potential of your money using the latest cutting-edge strategies.

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